Ways to Help SCFFA Online

The Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge
   The grand prize is $5,000. There are many more prizes like $1,000 for weekly winners to pet beds for second & third place finalists in each state.

    The Petfinder.com rescue organizations with the most votes will win.

Go to www.shelterchallenge.com/home, type 28329 (yes, 9) in the zip code box
and search. SCFFA is the only result.

Vote for us, retype the four digit number shown, vote and you're done.

Clicking and voting are free, with no registration required.
You could have voted once every day during the Challenge which
ended April 10, 2016.

Visit http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/ to learn more.
It's free, and only takes a moment of your time. Thank you!

We're keeping watch for when (or if) the next
shelter challenge should start.
When the information becomes available,
it will be posted here.

  Here's a quick and easy way to help SCFFA while helping yourself.
If you are planning on subscribing to, or renewing, a magazine subscription, please check out our page at www.efundraisingonline.com/scffainc
        Every purchase through efundraisingonline will earn us up to 40% of the dollars you spend. But the beauty of the deal is that the prices are competitive with those offered elsewhere, including renewals.

Now, as well as magazines, they are featuring cookie dough and other neat things such as restaurant e-cards where you get $100 value for only $20. Many hundred of restaurants to choose from.
Go check it out. You help us when you help yourself.